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Power flushing

The black sludge found in the central heating side of systems is referred to as magnetite and is generally made up of metal oxide particles, oil and grit.

This sludge is linked to noisy or seized pumps, radiator cold spots, it also affects most of the hydraulic side of a heating system valves etc, especially in combination boilers, causing breakdowns and premature component failure.

Power-flushing with chemicals will  alleviate these associated problems ensuring your boiler and system operates as originally designed.

Power flushing Machine

Removal of magnetite (the black stuff) will

· Reduces boiler noise.

· Eliminates cold spots in radiators.

· Reduces wear on system and boiler components.

· Increases efficiency near to manufacturer’s data criteria.

Professional double magna-clean filter

Protect your system with this domestic unit


Wessex chemicals

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Typical heat exchanger from a combination boiler

For the technically minded

We use Wessex Chemicals, Magnet Filters and  Vibra-clean to ensure that a thorough job is done. To test we use Infrared Thermometers, TDS and pH meters to ensure the results meet industry standards. By using a methodical scientific approach we can pinpoint the problem areas and concentrate on them to achieve the best overall results for your system.


Why we use Wessex Chemicals

The Wessex Power-flush chemical was formulated, originally to clean problematic industrial heating systems. When traditional power-flushing chemicals did not effectively clean these systems, they developed a solution. Having understood the cause of the problem experiments resulted in a combination of Silt-free and Sludge & Flux remover. An added bonus to this approach is that the time required to complete a heating system is greatly  reduced, making this a more cost effective way to clean central heating systems.

Our method of cleaning: no acids

We attach the power-flushing machine to the heart of the system usually at the pump. Then add the prescribed chemicals in the correct concentration and flush with the machine. Connected in line is a professional double Magna Clean filter as shown opposite (the blue one). The sludge will be collected at this point for removal, while the cleaned chemicals will pass through, to be returned to the heating system to remove more sludge, until the returning water is clear.  A final flush using clean water will be used.  On completion a suitable inhibitor will be added to prevent further corrosion deposits.

Remember no acids are used in the heating pipe work. Making it suitable for all materials including black iron.






De-scaling is needed when a heat exchanger accumulates a significant thickness of calcium commonly known as “lime scale” on it's surface, enough to insulate the water from the heat source and impair performance which results in higher fuel bills.

In combination boilers calcium will block the small water ways giving reduced flow rates until eventually stopping the flow altogether. Those with thermostatic showers will notice this affect more dramatically as the shower unit will go hot and cold when used.

Again we use Wessex Chemicals to solve the problem, though this operation needs an acid solution to flush and remove the calcium. HDS Extra a high strength descaler is used which contains 36% hydrochloric acid.